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When did you find out [about the ending], and what did you think of it when they told you?

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barney-wait-for-it-stinson whispered: Wait - they're doing an Alt Finale? I thought it was just an alt ending to the finalie. Please tell me their re-doing the whole finale! Please?!?!

I wish! Nah, they just re-cut some footage differently and made Bob Saget do a different voice over. Nothing too pleasing.

Anonymous whispered: are they still doing the alternate finale bc if they don't i will be so so so so upset

Yep! It’s on the dvd, I think. I saw it when it was on youtube. It was better than the original ending, but it still doesn’t fix the terrible finale.

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Anonymous whispered: My friend's brother goes to that college

Cool! I’m just a freshmen tho

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I go to The University of Vermont so if anyone wants to say hi, PLEASE DO.

Anonymous whispered: My thing with the ending is that they knew it was going to be end game and in season 7 episode 12 where Robin finds out that she can't have kids and Ted lights up the aprtment so she'll be happy THAT COULD HAVE BEEN A TURNING POINT IF THEY KNEW THAT ROBIN AND TED WERE ENDGAME THEY SHOULDVE HAD A TURNING POINT INSTEAD OF GETTING US INVESTED IN BARNEY AND ROBIN

They completely screwed all Barney/Robin fans over by giving them hope, then guaranteeing their happiness, then screwing everything up the last two episodes

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Anonymous whispered: Yes! Only the second day in and I'm ready to drop out (not literally but still)!

I came home less than a week after uni started cuz I missed my family. Now I have to go back today :’(

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Why are you so afraid of giving this a chance?

Because I am scared of how much I like you.

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I just finished day 2 of college classes…

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