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endless list of favorite ships

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Anonymous whispered: when are you gonna do the song gif thing?

Probably Friday, when I’m gonna be on a plane for several hours! Also I’ll be either linking youtube videos for each song onthis list and/or if someone would tell me how to:

1. Find free downloads to songs that aren’t torrents

2. Upload files to something like mediashare or a place to upload and download files

I would be willing to find downloads and upload them to a .zip file so you can easily upload the entire playlist.

Barney and Ted relating Robin to a suit and tie

Anonymous whispered: I ship Ted X Robin but I also like Barney and Robin together. I hated it when they got divorced but something deep inside of me really knows that it's not yet the end for Ted and Robin. I know how a large number of HIMYM fans hated the finale and I truly get their point. They ended the show quite unjustifiable for the characters. For example, when Barney and Robin separated, he went back to being... you know, Barney. I just think that it would be better if they showed how he changed his...

If Barney changed what? I don’t ship Ted and Robin but I know that some TedxRobin shippers also weren’t happy with the finale. I agree that the show ended horribly for each main character (except for Marshall), and I thought it was ridiculous how much Barney regressed in the span of like 40 minutes.

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teamrkburtkaharris whispered: I just want to say that I love your tumblr so damn much. I love your username {probably the most, don't judge me after finale}, your posts, how it looks, how amazing you answer to people, everything. And I kinda fangirled when you reblogged my gifset :D I think it's awesome - you doing list of songs, and I really enjoyed this and I think everyone should appreciate this list, because it took you long time and much hard work. Once again, I love you and you're one of my favorite tumblrs ever :))

Aww, thank you!! Wow that was so nice and unexpected!!!! :D