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Anonymous whispered: My thing with the ending is that they knew it was going to be end game and in season 7 episode 12 where Robin finds out that she can't have kids and Ted lights up the aprtment so she'll be happy THAT COULD HAVE BEEN A TURNING POINT IF THEY KNEW THAT ROBIN AND TED WERE ENDGAME THEY SHOULDVE HAD A TURNING POINT INSTEAD OF GETTING US INVESTED IN BARNEY AND ROBIN

They completely screwed all Barney/Robin fans over by giving them hope, then guaranteeing their happiness, then screwing everything up the last two episodes

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Anonymous whispered: Yes! Only the second day in and I'm ready to drop out (not literally but still)!

I came home less than a week after uni started cuz I missed my family. Now I have to go back today :’(

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Why are you so afraid of giving this a chance?

Because I am scared of how much I like you.

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I just finished day 2 of college classes…

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Anonymous whispered: Do you hate Ted? You act like it

I hate the writing of Ted

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Anonymous whispered: TO THE ANON WHO GOT SPOILERED: there will be an alternate ending this fall I think so I think ur safe friend???

I don’t have high hopes for the alternate ending tho

fee-hee-hee-hee-ny whispered: So the post of Colbie's interview really made me think about it again and the finale just seems like the creators personal fantasy fulfillment of the "nice guy" finally getting the "perfect girl" in the end even though NONE OF IT MADE SENSE. Bah.

I know! Good for them, bad for viewers and fans.

Anonymous whispered: Hello! I'm a fresh HIMYM viewer: I just got spoilered -ye, I know, and I feel empty. I've come around half of season 4 now and I already am so down about all this. I like Ted and Robin and I also like how Barney is starting to evolve and going to make a move with Robin. But now that I know how things are possibly going to end, I feel confused, sad and don't want to watch it anymore and YET it's too awesome not to be continued. I knew I shouldn't have watched the pilot in the first place. SOS?

Aah I was unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on how you look at it) to have come in right before the show aired its ninth season. I got to watch it live, get excited and savor every moment, knowing it was the last season, and Barney and Robin were safe. But I also had to watch my OTP (and well-known endgame) divorce, and suffer through close to an hour waiting for things to get better in the pitiful finale.

My advice is to reserve judgement and keep watching all the way through. Then let all your feelings out! Or just don’t watch the finale lol

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